Capacity Building and Entrepreneurs Training

We are working with university students to build their confidence as well as coach them on the competences they need in their careers. We are a “learn and earn” learning provider, creating jobs for our learners, giving them exposure, experience, and a wage, and equipping them for real life situations. We also offer one-to-one tailored […]

Education Consultancy and Training

We are closely working with schools to raise their standards in teaching and health and safety. We have recently provided consultancy and teacher and administration training in two schools in Khartoum. We are now working with setting up a new school, and our presence is in all aspects of the school set-up; health and safety, […]

Library and After School Activities

We are setting up a library with membership.Joining the library isn’t only to read books but we have much more than that… wait and see for yourself. We currently have computers with internet access and trainers/coaches to assist researchers surf the net and access journals, complete education and/or visa application forms, and join online trainings […]