Human Resources

The team running the Human Resources projects are all qualified and have experiences in their fields of organisational structures and behaviour, performance management, talent management, pay reviews, coaching and metoring. Your Adviser Ltd is also a UK registered learning provider and we provide innovative hands-on learning that has proven to be the best capacity builder for all our trainees.

Aviation Services

Your Advisers Aviation Services Ltd run courses in Human Factor, Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques, Crew Resources Management, Safety Management, Electrical and navigation Equipment, and Aviation Law, Conventions, and Agreements. We provide consultations on establishing new airlines as well as facilitation throughout the set-up process until the grant of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC). We are also in the process of getting the drone licence and will be offering our drone services very soon. Our team consists of Instructors, Insurers and Loss Adjusters, Advertisers, Engineers, Pilots, and Dispatchers. The team worked with business owners in setting up their aviation companies, starting with the required licenses to renting/purchasing the correct aircrafts for the company operations, and hiring the crew. The aviation team have grown to the point of registering independently as a partner company, Your Advisers Aviation Services Ltd

Education Services

Our education services staff, with their extensive experience in the field, assist parents in choosing the school that suits their budgets and their children's needs. They also work with schools supporting them toreach the required international standards in set-up and materials, and that is done at affordable costs.

Trade and Investment

The company trade and investment team are knowledgeable and have a vast experience in the field as well as access to large scale international investment companies.